We provide scientific and technological consulting for alternative energy projects. Our team of experts management experience in projects that are just about to begin or are already implemented

Scientific research

We conduct research to improve the performance of your business. In cooperation with leading universities, we will provide you with quality expertise

Technologies and equipment

After conducting research, we will present for you the best available technology and equipment among our manufacturing partners

Feasibility study

If you are starting a new business or want to expand existing one our analysts and experts will prepare for you a feasibility study for further investment or technological modernization

Project management

After completing all the stages of your business transformation, we can temporary take over the external management of your business processes to achieve specific results


Biomass projects

Activity 1. Wood-based biomass processing projects. Harvest, transportation, storage and processing of wood biomass into biofuels.

A sample of rapeseed biodiesel is displayed atop rapeseeds at EcoEnergie's production plant in Etoy, near Geneva, August 13, 2008. EcoEnergie produces 3 million litres of biodiesel per year, equivalent to more than 30 percent of Switzerland's global biodiesel production, while being one of the few companies to operate the full process from seed to oil.  REUTERS/Valentin Flauraud (SWITZERLAND)


Activity 2. Production projects of liquid biofuels from sustainable sources of raw materials.



Activity 3. Projects for the cultivation, collection and processing of algae in different types of liquid biofuels.

wind_power (boxes)

Wind power

Activity 4. We support small and medium-sized wind power projects.

solar_power (boxes)

Solar power

Activity 5. We support small and medium-sized solar power projects

water_cleaning (boxes)

Water purification projects

Activity 6. The only activity not related to the fuel and energy sector. Water treatment. Water quality is of great importance for life around the globe.

waste_management (boxes)

Waste management

Activity 7. Project management of municipal and industrial waste recycling into sustainable fuels.



Activity 8. Projects on gasification of various types of raw materials into synthetic biogas.

piezoelectricity (boxes)


Activity 9. One of the newest sources of alternative energy. We provide support for the implementation of kinetic energy conversion projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have our own technologies and solutions. We constantly generating a new ideas and discuss them with our partners.

We have a large network of contacts among banks and investment funds. We accompany our clients at the stage of attracting investments and develop a financial strategy.

We conclude a cooperation agreement and act as a third party in cooperation with contractors, financial institutions and state structures. We work in the mode of full scientific and consulting service.

Yes. We supporting projects regardless of the volume of needs. We are open to new ideas and projects.

If you have any further questions — please contact us info@altenglobal.com

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